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Faith, Resilience, & Strength To Move On...

Sometimes in life we take a fall,

But change is the constant after all.

Things may have been down for a while,

The upward cycle manifests a smile.

The challenge arrives to reveal the strength,

Shifting one to a much higher wave length.

Resilience builds and courage arises,

Consciousness awakens and one realizes.

Seeing one's soul as the Truth manifested,

Love of the self both honored and respected.

The deeper inward, the journey reveals,

An inner fire so brilliant and surreal.

No outer force can take that power away,

Honoring self opens a Divine doorway.

In wisdom, knowledge, and understanding,

Life will open and start expanding.

One door closes and another is open,

Gratefully following a cosmic devotion.

Tapping into the pool of subconsciousness,

Inner revealing creates outer synthesis.

Each choice and effect of the seeds planted,

Bring blessings never taken for granted.

There's no mistake on the journey of life,

Twists and turns, good times and strife.

All in all, the most important thing,

Live your Truth, and let the inner light sing.

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