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Full Moon Transformation

Growing into who we really are,

Reaching higher and going far.

Hunter's Full Moon illuminating,

Powerful endings are activating.

Lunar brilliance acts as a flashlight,

The shadows of truth are clear in sight.

Causing awakenings with eyes open,

Each of us speaking the unspoken.

Shiva carrying prayers through the fire,

Harvesting dreams and rising higher.

Grateful for the capacity to see,

What is best for both you and me.

Allowing the past to rest in the night,

Love guiding forward without any fight.

Times of determination and success,

Following goodness, letting go of stress.

This Full Moon holds the power of change,

With energy to make life rearrange.

Inauthentic relationships and partners,

Are packing their bags for departure.

The future holds much higher intentions,

Purging now with Full Moon interventions.

Keep your chin up and hold on tight,

Goodness comes with that vision in sight.

Once we weather the release of the past,

Happiness and health will be here to last.

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