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Lightning Bolt of Love...

Brilliant acts of the Love of the Divine,

A bolt of lightning in the sky to shine.

Sudden shifts from this power of Light,

Saying, every little thing's gonna be alright.

Storm arriving with a change in pressure,

Inner child challenging the great oppressor.

The first bolt hits the Earth with a roar,

The Truth vibrates in order to restore.

The second bolt hits a tree dead on,

Cutting it in half like a great phenomenon.

The tree lights up in a fiery blaze,

The birds that nested fly in a craze.

This gift from Love shakes up great change,

Reflecting the areas that need to rearrange.

With the effects of this big disaster,

There is a lesson to learn and to master.

The tree will live by going further inside,

Roots stretching where Love is amplified.

Deeper inward is the soul's recognition,

This is what we're here for on this mission.

The lightning strikes when it's the time,

When there's no higher tower built to climb.

The higher we go, the deeper we know,

It takes fertile, hydrated soil to grow.

As the fallout appears on the surface,

It serves to illuminate a greater purpose.

The roots will share their Truths of wisdom,

Divine feminine of darkness and mysticism.

Inside of Faith, there is a knowing so wise,

There is nothing deeper to internalize.

Swimming into the waters of the heart,

Where life itself manifested its start.

This space of Love teaches simplicity,

Be True to self and restore authenticity.

Welcome the shifts and changes that come,

Keep rhythm as you beat to your own drum.

If the bolt of Love in lightning hits,

Stay Light, stay Positive, and keep your wits!


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