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Mudra of the Month: Balancing Heaven and Earth

Mudra means "To Please", and is a way to invoke the unseen forces for health and happiness. You can literally manifest your destiny with the palm of your hands. Mudras are a type of sign language to the angelic realm. Every day, hire the angels of Light and fire the angels of darkness with Mudra Therapy.

The 6th month of the year brings the harmonizing energy of Venus. Venus represents the marriage between Heaven and Earth. It is the planet of Love, Harmony, and Playfulness. This mudra supports all of those qualities. The fingers represent the elements, and the tips of the fingers are related to the brain and the heard. The left hand is the Yin, subtle, Heavenly energy, and the right hand is the Yang, active, Physical energy. Each balances being above and below, superior and inferior, or powerful and humble at the same time. When practicing this mudra, it is important to spend the same amount of time in each posture. By moving the mudra between Yin and Yang, we are creating a harmonious relationship between the inner Spirit and the outer Being in order for the best possible life experience.

How To Get Into The Mudra:

1. Straighten the spine in a comfortable posture sitting, standing, or laying down.

2. Rub your hands together vigorously.

3. Bring all of the finger tips of each hand together.

4. With the left hand facing down and the right hand facing up, touch the ten fingers together like kissing doves.

5. Then shift the hand posture so that the right hand is facing down and the left hand is facing up.

6. Continue to switch from one posture to the other until you are done practicing your meditation.

7. Relax your shoulders down and away from your ears.

8. Smile, breathe, and practice the mudra for 3 - 11 minutes or longer. Chanting the healing mantra "RaMaDaSaSaSaySoHung" or breathing a 3-Point Breath (See Below) is wonderful to do while holding any mudra.

Personally, we use this mudra during a healing RaMaDaSa Mudra Series for health. To do it alone, you can hold each posture for the same amount of time instead of making it a moving posture. Either way, it will support harmony and balance.

3-Point Breath (Optional):

Inhale for a count of 20, Hold the breath for a count of 20, Exhale for a count of 20. Repeat this breath for 3 - 11 minutes to calm the mind and bring balance to the brain.

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