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Poem Of The Week

Eclipsing In Change...

Eclipsing the Sun with the Moon,

Inner and outer worlds are in tune.

Those old ideas we once believed,

May not be what the Truth perceived.

The shadow cast upon the Sun,

Was where the darkness had begun.

We are asked to face those deep fears,

The hidden pain stored up for years.

See it, acknowledge it, and release,

Restoring both inner and outer peace.

No more denying what is real,

Or suppressing emotions that we feel.

Eclipsing old cycles of avoidance,

Expanding energy with enjoyment.

No matter what needs to clear,

Uniting as one is what we adhere.

This cycle of time is an opportunity,

To co-create with great ingenuity.

By allowing the old to die and leave,

We can live the life we truly believe.

Make space for health, joy, & success,

This Solar Eclipse is here to bless.

After releasing what no longer serves,

The Universe grants what is deserved.

Keep being true and staying humble,

The limited reality is about to crumble.

All that will be left is infinite Love,

Just be grateful and thank the angles above!

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