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Poem of the Week: Cycles to Grow On...

Old cycles repeat until they are learned,

Revolving over and over again.

The karmic vibrations have been earned,

Love is the frequency to intend.

Some cycles take us away from our good,

And far from our goals and ambitions.

But one thing must be understood,

Every moment is the time for transitions.

There are family cycles kept in silence,

Abuses that scar us for life.

We can follow that path with compliance,

Or be the generation to end the strife.

Other cycles carry amazing treasures,

Good luck, blessings, and gifts.

Keeping us high on life's pleasures,

That serve to bring joy and uplift.

Whether we are in the ebb or the flow,

It is most important to remember.

Every lesson manifests to help us grow,

When we have faith, let go, and surrender.

The most humbling cycle comes at the end,

When life is fragile and frail.

To care for Loved ones is to intend,

Cycles of grace and Love to prevail.

It is our choice to create the dream,

That our soul has come here to live.

Health, peace, and joy is the theme.

To embrace, embody, and give.

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