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Poem of the Week: Down Deep & Rising Higher

Bubbling up and out of the Earth,

The purest of springs are first birthed.

Water is king, it's the hand of God,

Flowing so deeply both near and abroad.

This sacred element rises at first,

Then into the land, gravity coerced.

Finding the lowest point to dwell,

This is where the blessings of water excel.

Humans flow like the fluid stream,

Sharing these super qualities supreme.

When humble and strong in foundation so clear,

People are more resilient than they may appear.

Helping others to thrive and to rise,

Nourishing the soil to alchemize.

What reveals as the paradox,

Is how truly weak it is at the top.

The energy is in the flow to the ground,

Where everything grows and Love is abound.

The next time a struggle for power arises,

Remember the water in all her disguises.

Strong with power and energy essential.

Nurturing life - being giving and gentle.

Working with the Sun and the Earth to give life,

Father Sun, baby Earth, water mother and wife.

Power is in Love, kindness, and compassion,

In lifting up others and taking positive action.

Allowing the flow and not forcing a thing,

Gaining strength when descending from spring.

Purified by rough patches along the way,

Gaining momentum, while taking time to play.

There is nothing to chase or fight against,

Just feeling, flowing, and staying present.

Following wisdom of the waters so clear,

Those low points in life have brought us here.

There are no mistakes or promised destinations,

We're helping each other through healing restoration.

Nurturing all life in the heart waterway,

Seeking inner guidance toward a deeper and Lighter way.

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