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Poem of the Week: Falling Back In Love with Life Again...

We have to learn about who we are,

Life puts up a pretty high bar.

Understanding that our emotions are valid,

A great opportunity to write a new ballad.

Putting self-healing on the number one list,

A priority that we no longer resist.

Being honest with oneself about fears,

No longer escaping to hide or disappear.

Owning each experience as a gift and direction,

Spending some years in meditative reflection.

We can no longer go back in a downward direction.

What happened was real and is now left in the past,

The Truth lives on when it's questioned or asked.

In order to move forward and take a new step,

Forgiveness and Love helps the heart to accept.

A new road ahead has such great potential.

Starting over is important and quintessential.

A new life, a new path, a new cosmic dream,

Manifesting the best life is so supreme!

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