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Poem of the Week: Infinite Waters, One Sea

As I see the wake of the boats start to fade,

My own journey leaves me excited and unafraid.

Another adventure with wind and waves,

Mirroring how the shifts in life behave.

Faith in the strength of my humble vessel,

Learning the challenges that my mind wrestles.

I stay afloat by leaning on my sacred heart,

The quiet leader in charge from the very start.

The bottom feeders trying to latch on to feed,

Attempting to sabotage each and every deed.

But the elements move to favor the Light,

The pure of heart left without a fight.

What I project will always come right back,

A Divine mechanism used to keep me on track.

Sailing ahead into the brilliant Sun,

I find ways to help out and have fun.

On this journey with soul passion and great purpose,

Not boarding to support someone else's circus.

Navigating a blessed sail at sea,

Where the waters gather all life with me.

We meet there in the vast subconscious collective,

To learn and gain an infinite and honest perspective.

Each in a vessel we care for and live,

Making choices to keep energy in or to give.

Moving forward with the current and the wind,

In an endless sea, this is where we begin.

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