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Poem of the Week: Patience On This Path...

There's no rush when it comes to self-care,

It's a time to slow down and come up for air.

Transformation sweeps in like a bolt of lightening,

When life's upside down it can be very frightening.

Slowing down helps to integrate change,

Understanding what the universe has arranged.

Deep lessons about who we are.

Looking inside and not out too far.

In every cycle there's an up and a down,

The key is to smile and not to frown.

When it gets to too dark then it's time to rise,

At the top, the fall can be a surprise.

Either way, what's the use in getting attached?

The surface of reality has been hardly scratched.

Slow and steady, life unfolds so sweetly,

Taking it in so fully and completely.

Enjoying each moment, each day, each breath,

Because one day we will all awaken to death.

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