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Sailing Toward Destiny

The Lunar waters bring winds of change,

Shifting gears to the new and strange.

Eyes wide open to see what happens,

Taking the wheel as the ship's captain.

Areas of waves are strong and destructive,

Fighting or resisting is so unproductive.

But the times of gentle waters and peace,

Create the space for the joy to increase.

Keeping the horizon clear in sight,

Wisdom and Truth now come to Light.

There are some who let the ocean lead,

No direction, but a lot of speed.

There are others that put up a sail,

Directing the wind to follow the trail.

A path with a goal and destination,

From a dream to a conscious creation.

Acknowledging the beauty of the ocean,

As it relates to the inner world of emotion.

Power, strength, movement, and fluidity,

Compassion, Love, kindness, and sympathy.

The New Moon shifts the perceptive view,

The darkness births a reality brand new.

Directing the sail to stay on course,

Keeping the 3rd eye vision on Source.

The journey toward Love will prevail,

Simply allow the heart to be the sail.

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