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Serving Up The Power of Love...

Strawberries so pure, the symbol of Venus,

This Full Moon has the power free us.

Ripe and ready for picking this season,

Each of us finding our own rhyme & reason.

Extracting the Truths of what we've learned,

Receiving the blessings that we have earned.

A time of great change and many blessings,

All is revealed so there is no more guessing.

Answers to questions make everything clear,

The Truth is now what we all want to hear.

Each choice on the path is meant to be,

This clarity has opened our eyes to see.

What is important and what doesn't matter,

Is the heart open and free from the chatter?

Health is what is the most important.

We can't serve others when our lives are shortened.

The rest of the issues are all temporary,

We let them go to become the visionary.

Teaching and sharing what matters most,

Wellbeing and goodness from coast to coast.

Praying for enemies and blessing the dark,

Living in goodness like a stroll in the park.

These new beginnings and fruitful gifts,

Are here to remind us to serve and uplift.

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