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Universal Mars Period: July 3rd - August 23rd

The Universal Mars Period is a 52-day cycle that brings a lot of constructive forces with it. Mars offers a strong will power, magnetism, and an abundance of physical energy. Think about something that you haven't had the energy to complete, and tackle it during this time. Mars is a friend that can support creating or destroying an idea or situation. This is a time to create from the inspiration of our passions, and to destroy the things that hold us back from what we want to create.

One aspect of Mars is anger, war, and impulsiveness. The other side is peace, calmness, or laziness. Mars never arrives without some trials and tests to see if reacting is what we really want to do. When making friends with this planet, we can merge with a physical activity, routine, or program that can bring better health and longevity. Getting the excess energy out in the form of exercise is the most productive way to utilize this 52-day period.

Mars has a strong sexual energy that shows up in our passions and desires. Although it is not the best time to start anything new, tapping into what makes the inner flame brighter will be greatly enjoyable. This is a time to use discernment and take three breaths before speaking, sending a message, or reacting to anything external. Pull out board games, go to the beach and swim, or take a hike in the mountains, but use caution as to avoid accidents or injuries. Mars provides the energy to move past obstacles, destruct old paradigms that limit growth and happiness, and enhance our sexual energy to create the reality we dream about. Keep it cool, don't engage in things that require risk, and receive anything that may have made you angry or reactive as a lesson in how to keep calm. Mars can only be a challenge when we allow it to be. Awareness bring success - so choose Love.

Call upon Archangel Kamael, The Desire of God - who gives Divine protection against all aggression for support during this time. Archangel Kamael acts like a guardian for souls as they transcend. She has been known to ward away the dark energies, bring strength, and to practice "tough Love" when needed, as it is not always easy to do what is hardest. Archangel Kamael also helps to support breaking down the old in order to create the new. The ultimate goal is the manifest peace and Love in the world, and to do this, we have to face our deepest fears. Archangel Kamael brings grace and courage to protect and guide souls toward a more peaceful and creative way of living by supporting one in letting go of old patterns of aggressive and destructive behavior.


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