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Universal Moon Period: May 12th - July 2nd

The Universal Moon Period is a 52-day cycle that helps to nurture the inner dream. It is the creative force that brings our inner desires into manifestation. The Moon is the changing force that waxes and wanes, and therefore it helps us to be more flexible and adaptable to change. The Divine Feminine aspect of the Moon supports the home, family, and taking care of the cooking, cleaning, and the children. This time is wonderful for connecting with the general public and working together for the greater good.

The Moon rules over short trips, and this time period helps to make a weekend getaway feel restorative and rejuvenating. The emotions are heightened during this time of feeling, so it is best to be neutral and non-reactive to whatever life presents. Take deep breaths before speaking, and be moderate in all dealings. This is a great time to propose marriage or chose to start a family. Any job or project that is started in the Universal Moon Period should also end in this 52-day period. The Moon gives the best support when it is given opportunities to bring in what is needed when waxing and let go of what is not needed when waning. This supports shorter ventures with the most success. This is not the best time to start a new job or career, or anything long-term. The Moon helps men to get along with women better. Much like water, this is the best time to flow with the changes of life, and open the heart to what nurtures growth and expansion into Love.

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