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Universal Sun Period: March 21st - May 11th

The Universal Sun Period is a 52-day cycle of healing Light. The Sun is the ever-giving source of life and energy. That vital energy is easier to access during this time in order to direct it toward strengthening one's physical, emotional, and mental health. The true color of the Sun is green, and green is the color of the heart chakra. This period of time is wonderful for planting seeds and growing your heart dreams. There is an abundance of energy, illuminating good luck, and the clarity to see where you want to go.

All of the other planets in the solar system revolve around the Sun. The Sun emanates strength to overcome obstacles and determination to follow through with new ideas. It is a time of year to take a leap of faith toward what inspires the inner child to bloom. Sun energy supports leadership, responsibility, and consistency. Once the seeds have been planted, keep reaching higher by making choices during this time that make life feel Lighter, simpler, and more healthy.

This is a wonderful time to start a new business, to get married, and to take steps to heal the body and aspects of life that are out of balance. If you want to advance in your line of work, this is a great time to approach your boss for a raise or career transformation. Stand tall, speak up for yourself, and take risks that take you closer to your dreams. This is a very optimistic and sunny time of year. In-Joy the beauty, the brilliance, and the healing available through the Light of the Sun.

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