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Universal Venus Period

December 6th - January 26th

The Universal Venus Period is a 52-day cycle of rest, play, art, love, and self-care. Venus is the planet of Love and Harmony. The Venus Period is a time to love yourself and indulge in massage, facials, aromatherapy, and spa treatments. This period helps us get in touch with our playful side - celebrating, dancing, and enjoying the moment. Take yourself out to a movie, go see a theatrical play, or see your favorite band in concert. Say "Yes" to attending a holiday party, go out on a date with someone new, or if you are in a relationship, go out with your lover.

This is a time of renewal and beauty. Beautify your home, decorate, or buy something new and luxurious. This is an excellent time for men to ask women for things and to propose. This is also a great time to enter a long-lasting relationship. Venus will support you by opening your heart to love, keeping you light and playful, and helping you to identify with your most beautiful self. Take time to connect with Mother Gaia during this time, as Venus rules over the natural beauty that surrounds us in nature. When we connect to the Earth, we find peace and harmony and help to balance our entire being. Enjoy the loving gifts of Venus and bring harmony to your thoughts, emotions, and actions during this time of year.

Call upon Archangel Hanael, the Grace of God, to bestow love and happiness upon you. In Hebrew, hana'ah means "joy" or "pleasure". Hanael helps us to open and develop our natural intuitive abilities. She helps us return to our true state of being, realigning to our Divine Self and the integrity that holds a sacred space within our being.

Hanael is aligned with the Stars and the Moon. She helps us to connect with the natural forces of time and space, understanding astrology and the Laws of Nature. Through Hanael, we can remember the ancient knowledge of the plants and trees, crystals, and other healing elements. She supports us in developing our natural, intuitive self, helping us listen to our "gut" feelings, and awakening the inner psychic that we all have within us. Call upon Archangel Hanael to help guide you to your inner awakening, helping you to find the love and happiness that you have always had within your heart.


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