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Vision of Great Heights...

Dawn and dusk in prayer to the One,

Asking for the Great Divine to overrun.

Releasing prayers with passion and heart,

Holding onto Faith from the very start.

Time passes and the challenges increase,

There is more chaos than there is peace.

Praying now for the challenges to cease.

What if these challenges were the answer?

Overcoming the Self to get rid of the cancer.

All in Divine Order, unfolding as planned,

A break-up, moving, or getting canned.

From a higher point of vision and view,

The perspective of Truth shines on through.

Faith takes over and the pain ends,

The best possible outcome transcends.

Raising one's consciousness takes strength,

Enduring change as an energy wavelength.

The higher the vision, the greater the cause,

The better one understands Universal Laws.

A Cosmic design of infinite Wisdom,

Asking us to practice a higher vision.

Beyond the physical, to our Divine purpose,

Allowing darkness to rise up to the surface.

Listen to the prayer of the inner desire,

It is the voice that wants us to rise higher.

There is always space for the spirit to grow,

New ideas for the heart to know.

That channel of connection draws us near,

There is never anything for us to fear.

Just show up, listen, and do your best,

This life journey is your own personal test.

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