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Poem of the Week: Secrets of Spring

Our rose-colored glasses have a hard time to see,

Letting go of secrets will set us free.

Holding on takes energy and conflict,

Causing fatigue and guilt that's unwanted.

Secrets keep us at a distant isolation,

Preventing the healing that comes from conversation.

Why do we fear the Truth will be revealed,

When we've asked others to share what's been concealed?

Spring time brings new growth for us all,

It's a time to plant seeds, big or small.

The Full Moon blooms by shedding old worries,

Winds of change can bring a storm full of flurries.

What's blooming amidst these changing times,

Are the Truths that are seeping between the lines.

Transformation will support the brand new bloom,

Once we address the elephant in the room.

For deeper relationships and more passionate Love,

We have to be honest when push comes to shove.

Watering the fresh blooms of authenticity again,

By letting go of conflict and pain.

It's a powerful time to let the Light shine in,

A fresh start for a new life to begin.

Let go of the secrets and allow the Truth to live,

Letting the self receive Love and then give.

Whatever remains in our lives is the gift,

'Tis the season for Truth to bloom as we shift.

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