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So sweet and soft and warm and nice,

Around the holidays it smells like spice.

Candles and incense, fires and tea,

Cuddled up to a movie on the TV.

Lights, candles, and the whole nine yards,

An evening with the fam playing cards.

Live music begins playing from a distance,

People and animals share a coexistence.

It's a time for Love and sharing joy,

The power of service ready to employ.

Creating the harmony from inside out,

Sharing resources so no one goes without.

Connecting to nature and all of the flowers,

The Divine scents releasing their powers.

Laughter and play, fun and smiles,

A time for us to go the extra mile.

Spreading Love and reaching out to others,

Saying 'I Love You' to sisters and brothers.

Venus represents an energy of balance,